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My Unforgettable Experience

My Unforgettable Experience

Hello Again !!!!!

Now,i will tell you about my unforgettable experience.From this expereience i really very grateful.        This experience happend when i watch football game at stadion GBLA bandung with my friend.At that time me and my friend watch football at stadion GBLA , the game starts at 18.30 and we go to stadion by train.When the game is end we take a rest until 21.00.Because it's night and quiet we decided to stay at a friends house.        Me and my my friend are confused because there is no angkot crossed.Finally we decided to walk for looking angkot.We walk very far with no lamps in street and thats very very dark until we see the light and that place is crowded.And finally there is one angkot that offers us to be delivered to the house.We are very grateful because there are angkot who want to take us home until night at 11 o'clock night.And then we can go home safely.

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